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Eumungerie to Goonoo National Park Monday 19th October 2015

The marchers left Eumungerie at 7 am this morning.

They stopped for morning tea at a property on the Coolbaggie Forest Road, which was very kindly provided by two local farming families. The marchers enjoyed immensely scones with jam and cream, sponge cake, and watermelon, and sat around on hay bales, which made welcome soft seats.

The marchers stopped at Mogriguy for a lunch break, before continuing on into the Goonoo National Park. They covered a total of 33 km to where they finished the day’s route at about 5 pm.


Some of the marchers at Riley's Dam at Goonoo National Park

Some of the marchers at Riley’s Dam at Goonoo National Park

They then set up camp in the spacious green camp area at Riley’s Dam, where a number of them cooled their tired feet in the dam.