Welcome to the site for the Coo-ee March 2015 Re-enactment, that was organised by Coo-ee March 2015 Inc. (Gilgandra Sub-Committee).

The Gilgandra to Sydney Coo-ee March 2015 Re-enactment commenced on Saturday 17th October at Gilgandra, and finished in Sydney on 11th November 2015, where the marchers participated in the Remembrance Day Ceremony held at the Cenotaph in Martin Place.

Please click on ABOUT tab for details about the 2015 Re-enactment.

Click on the ITINERARY tab for the planned day by day itinerary.

Click on the NEWS tab for day-to-day posts about the Re-enactment, and other information.

Contact details for further information about the 2015 Co-ee March Re-enactment, and  the original 1915 Coo-ee March:

Helen Thompson
Administration/Research Officer
Coo-ee March 2015 Inc. (Gilgandra Sub-Committee)

Email: cooeemarch1915@gmail.com

Website for 1915 Coo-ee March research: http://cooeemarch1915.com

20 responses to “HOME

  1. Great project being well organised. Congratulations
    Would you know the names of the 27 men who enlisted from Parramatta – sadly we do not know their names. Alternatively, could you please suggest who may have these names.
    Ken Smith
    Parramatta & District Historical Society


  2. Michelle abbott

    Have fun dad and rob Blake …… And everyone else ..Behave yourself…. See you in a month 😘


  3. Thinking of the men re-creating this incredible feat. My wife, Wendy, is a Gilgandra girl so we know the story well and we have the book.Will follow it all the way until we meet up with them (including my brother-in-law Steve Holmgreen) on November 11th in Martin Place.


  4. Congratulations to all for all who are marching ,and to the organisers.
    I am Colin and Dulcie Horwoods son Graeme.
    I am very proud to be from Gilgandra originally.


  5. Pamela Gribben (Horne)

    Saw the men leave on the 100th anniversary of the Coo-ee March from Gilgandra. You should be proud to walk in the footsteps of the men who stepped out in 1915. Keep going and good luck to you all.


  6. My mother is a Hitchen from Coonamble and we were proud to see the marchers off from Gilgandra I had goose bumps on my arms and hair standing on my arms just seeing them march out of Gilgandra with two new found cousins in the marchers Joanne Holmes and William Hitchen, hang in there keeping marching and stay safe. Thinking of you both.


  7. I would loved to have been with them as I met many on the Re-enactment of the Boomerang. Very proud to be Australian


  8. Congratulations to Bryan Bywater and all the others involved in organising the 100 year celebrations and the reenactment march, also to those undertaking the March in 2015. Travel safely.
    We enjoyed meeting with so many descendants of the original marchers in Gilgandra
    .Sandy Taylor


  9. Margaret Baxter

    My Son is joining the March in Lithgow in Rememberance of my Father Ernest Charles May who was ne of the original Cooees.


  10. We have been following the marchers on their journey with their basic living conditions when compared to ours with hot & cold water, thick mattresses and all the comforts you can’t take on a trek like they are on. They are well fed, with a variety of foods, which they need considering all the calories they are using. We admire them all and hope they can achieve what they set out to do. Eva & Dudley Yager.


  11. jeannette Willis

    It was exciting to see the march go past our property at Apsley. I gave them a cooee and they gave me a cooee


  12. I am immensely proud of all the marchers who are part of the reenactment, as well as the organisers. Gilgandra you are the best. I will be watching the march come down Mitchell’s Pass into Emu Plains today.


  13. Meryl Marsh, proud to be part of the re enactment of 1987 & will be at Martin Place on 11/11 to see the Gilgandra mob. Go Gilgandra & the Cooees.


  14. It’s been great to keep up with the day’s march as I’m related to Eric McCutcheon, one of the group through my niece, his wife Elisabeth. A
    great achievement by all, including the support people. Thanks.


  15. What a great Coo-ee March reenactment. I enjoyed watching the March going through the City of Blacktown. Congratulations to Adele Martin and all of the other marching descendants and organizers for keeping Australian heritage alive. Well done.


  16. Looking forward to seeing you come down across the river and into Prince Alfred Park today in Parramatta ,well done…the purple ribbons look great….
    Imelda Silva….


    • Thankyou to all the organisers and participants, I hope someday to also participate in a Cooee event.

      My x2 g grandmother being Mary Hitchen sister of Bill, she was married to Samuel Roger Bibb, publicans throughout western Nsw.

      Best wishes
      Rodger Henning ,Manly


  17. We have been following the Coo-ee marchers on their long march and have enjoyed the photos and text on this site. I have only visited Gilgandra several times but we have seen the Coo-ee Museum. I did live on my parents farm at “Werriwa” Merrygoen (halfway between Mendooran and Dunedoo) for 11 years and have “the country” well and truly in my blood. I admire and congratulate the people who researched, planned, organised and made this march happen including all the support team. The marchers were phenomenal, many people can walk a long distance, but every day, for nearly two months..!! Well Done, Congratulations to all.


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